Operational Reliability Improvement

We believe reliable operations and equipment starts with implementing quality maintenance execution.

Our team recently conducted a maintenance manual review for a Client for wagons classes within their fleet with the wagons broken down into sub groups such as Wheels and Bearings, Bogies, Brakes, Doors, Draft Gear and Body.

A whole of life cost model was also presented, based on these subsystems that allowed the Client complete visibility of maintenance costs. Benchmark targets were allocated and asset performance compare to these to highlight significant opportunities for improvements in availability, reliability and maintenance costs.

A life cycle analysis was prepared to track costs over the life of the assets to determine the optimal working life and a potential point at which replacement or overhaul would provide the most economical equivalent unit cost.

We empower rail organisations to develop and care for the health of their assets and leave them with systems and tools that enable a very high level of ownership so that world-class results can be achieved and sustained.

Detail services

As well as assisting our Clients to improve performance, Bluefield offers ongoing reliability improvement services that get results.

  • Bluefield Transformation – Bluefield has developed a unique process focussing on the basics of maintenance and reliability. The process allows businesses to benchmark their performance, improve their equipment reliability and reduce the maintenance costs
  • Fluid Cleanliness Management and Condition Monitoring Improvement – Bluefield believes in a proactive approach to managing equipment reliability. Why wait for the physical signs of failure before taking action? When Bluefield designs equipment maintenance strategies and tactics, we focus on the tasks that maintain fluid condition and monitor the health of the equipment using proactive condition monitoring programs. Bluefield has reviewed condition monitoring programs including the use of oil analysis at many sites around the world. We find them all focussed on the point where failure has started rather than maintaining a condition of the plant, that will avoid the onset of failure.
  • Proactive Reliability Management and Defect Elimination – Some would say there are only two types of bits of equipment! Do you know what they are? Simple, bits that need to be kept together and bits that need to be kept apart. Our fluid cleanliness management services assist Clients to keep bits apart and well lubricated with clean fluid and, in addition, we have a fastening program called QuWB or Quality Welding and Bolting.

Certified Reliability Improvement – Bluefield has observed over many years reliability engineers working in the resources industry day in and day out. However, it is rare to see equipment reliability improving in a sustainable manner. We have proven that significant reliability (MTBF) and availability improvement can occur within 12 months on most fleets by applying a practical approach to maintenance fundamentals, work quality and reliability improvement processes creating rapid improvement, not laborious RCA and RCM programs that don’t deliver the results. Ask about our Bluefield Certified Reliability Program where we provide certification for plant performance.

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