Fleet Reliability Analysis & Improvement

Planning what rollingstock, facility, yard and wayside equipment, including components and spares are best to maximise the value of the asset, depends on many factors including the ability of the business to manage the equipment.

The Bluefield team have many years of expertise in providing operations, rollingstock, tool and plant and facility planning and enhanced services to all areas within the rail sector in order to assist them to select the optimised solution that will deliver the ideal cost outcomes. Bluefield can review the current or proposed fleets, facilities, and operations, identifying options that can provide the best business outcome in capital and operating costs.

Detail services

The detailed services Bluefield provides are as follows.

  • Maintenance regime reviews
  • Maintenance execution audits
  • Maintenance scoping and review
  • Productivity modeling and forecasting including process flow analysis
  • Productivity benchmarking
  • Peer review of maintenance and repair contracts
  • Change management
  • Life cycle costing and evaluation of capital v’s operating cost or repair v’s replacement
  • Equipment evaluation and selection
  • Equipment risk review
  • Equipment condition assessments and condition monitoring
  • Pre-purchase equipment inspection
  • A comprehensive assessment of equipment tailored to meet your needs, also including equipment evaluation options
  • Peer review of asset assumptions for due diligence projects
  • Desktop audits of rollingstock fleets and facilities including associated components and spares
  • Development of companywide equipment strategies designed to maximise the capability of suppliers in the region, minimise spares holding and maximise production
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Development of multi-discipline specifications for rollingstock programs, new and existing facilities, tool, plant and equipment including management of all works approvals
  • Commissioning of new plant and equipment
  • Safety and compliance management
  • Operational readiness including the Bluefield operational readiness checklist developed to ensure a smooth and efficient handover from construction through commissioning to operation
  • Post project support

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