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Bluefield believes that in order to add the most value to our clients, it is important we understand our client’s business and provide consistent people who build the necessary relationships.

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Bluefield invests in our team, motivating and including all staff members in successful client relationships is our focus which is a driver for your success.

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Practicing what we preach has enabled us to reach our internal and external goals. The dedication we invest in our processors has enabled us to gain ISO 9001 quality assurance certification.

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The Bluefield approach to rail operations and asset management combines many years of experience with contemporary knowledge in all facets of operations management.

In particular, we specialise in:

  • Rolling stock and associated components
  • Rail-related plant and fixed assets
  • Workshop and depot optimisation
  • Equipment lifecycle management
  • Demand and performance analysis
  • Project submissions and evaluations
  • Change management and operational readiness.

Our people combine practical trade-based experience with professional qualifications and management experience. Bluefield is unique in its ability to provide practical support for all aspects of operational, fleet and facility maintenance.

We value open, honest and transparent communication at all levels with our Clients to ensure that we are always able to meet their expectations and enable them to deliver the best performance and asset outcomes and bottom line business results.


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AMS Aurizon


Bluefield AMS Expands to Above Rail Asset Management Services
Bluefield AMS Expands to Above Rail Asset Management Services


“Bluefield were engaged to review our infrastructure wagon maintenance strategy and tasks to improve efficiency, without compromising safety or reliability. Bluefield’s experience in rolling stock maintenance enabled cost savings to be identified by extending periods between major maintenance tasks, backed up by risk assessments and suitable documentation. Bluefield delivered quality work, with little supervision – a plus in our busy maintenance team.”
Queensland Rail

Queensland Rail

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